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PREMIUM MATERIAL: Ball bearing swivel made with high quality copper, snap and ring made with enhanced stainless steel. Full body coated with black

Dr.Fish Fishing Snap Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels with Stainless Steel Coastlock Snap, Corrosion Resistant Black Nickel Coating, High Strength 26Lb

Ball Bearing Swivels American Made - Barlow's Tackle

Well-Design: Lighter and smaller design create less water resistance and faster water entry Top Quality Material: Barrel swivels are made of high

Dr.Fish 50 Pack Fishing Micro Swivels Fly Fishing Swivels Rolling Barrel Swivels High Strength Solid Rings Hook line Connector Black Nickel Swivels

Pitbull Tackle Brass Ball Bearing Swivel w/ Two Welded Rings ( 10pk)

Dr.Fish 20 Pack Fishing Swivels Freshwater Ball Bearing Swivels Stainless Swivels Fishing Tackle Heavy Duty Black Nickel Terminal Tackle Barrel Swivels Leader Lures Connector Offshore Size 0 : Sports & Outdoors

Dozer Tackle Aussie Heavy Swivels are hand made from stainless steel. Featuring a streamlined bullet shape and double welded rings.

Dozer Tackle Aussie HD Ball Bearing Swivels

Fishing Swivels 101: Sizes, Types, and How to Use– Hunting and Fishing Depot

The only snap swivel still manufactured by hand to ensure quality and reliability. This snap swivel is guaranteed to outperform all other snaps in its class. Each snap swivel is hand inspected to provide the upmost in quality. Used to connect the base line and leader together without tying a knot and where there is a need for a swivel to prevent twisting.

Barrel Snap Swivels – Rite Angler

HTT Tournament Grade DUO LOCK Swivels